Tour of Rochester

I’m so grateful that RYY made the tour part of our orientation. It still blows my mind how little I know about the city that I have called home for the past fourteen years. To finally get the chance to drive around Rochester and hear some if it’s history was very enlightening. I feel like so many people, myself included, take this city for granted. This tour really opened my eyes and made me realize that Rochester comes from a very rich history and it has so much to offer those who are open and willing to take advantage.

I went on the housing tour and it amazes me how much public housing Rochester actually has. However, what stood out to me the most, was the quality of some if the housing buildings. Granted there were a number of places that need to be taken care of , there were a number of places that looked amazing. From the outside looking in you wouldn’t know it was public housing unless you were actually told.

After my tour I found myself taking any opportunity to tell my friends about all that I learned because I was just still really shocked at how little I’ve learned about this city and I just wanted to share my new gained knowledge.


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