Rochester Tour

I was very grateful for the Rochester tour on orientation. Being from a small town and never really being to Rochester either, I was unfamiliar with city. It amazed me how many things there are to do in Rochester, I don’t know about other schools but maybe since Geneseo is farther away we don’t appreciate everything Rochester has to offer. At school, people talk poorly of Rochester in terms of fun and entertainment but I’m slowly learning of all the different opportunities that exist to do something new and meet people. 

Something else I have noticed through the tour and with different visits with my supervisor is how severe the segregation is between the city and surrounding suburbs. Being a sociology major, I’ve read about this issue before but its still shocking to see it firsthand. It amazes me how people can see the racial differences between the city and suburbs and not understand the problems that will come along with it such as inequality and discrimination. 

I’m excited to not only learn more about Rochester but hopefully educate others as well. 


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