RCSD Alumni-Engagement Updates

What has the Alumni-Engagement program been up too? Late November was a lot of preparing for the event that was going to be on December 5th2012 in collaboration with Bryant & Stratton College. The first project was updating the volunteer’s positions list and contacts. I wanted to make sure if I was selling information that it was correct and updated. Most of the organizations we work with had similar volunteer positions open but some peoples contact information had changed. I compiled these resources into a packet to hand out to interested volunteers. The majority of my preparation was researching how the alumni-engagement program aligned with the superintendent’s initiatives. The three content areas are graduation rates, school attendance and student behavior. There was a lot of research on mentoring programs and how the social – emotional affects youth positively in a wide variety of areas, including emotional and behavioral functioning, academic achievement, and career development. Students who regularly participate in high-quality afternoon programs reduce the risk of juvenile delinquency, substance abuse and have better school attendance. They have a decreased chance in dropping out, earn higher grades, and develop better socially.  I am proud to report that Rochester scored in the high 3 and 4s out of 4 on the After-School Assessment Annul report.  Unfortunately the program was canceled due to lack of interest.

The next step for the alumni-program is to get the career coaching piece off the ground and running. I have met with Randell Sirens who has a virtual career coaching organization and Ozzy Arroyo who has repurposed Rochester Pillars building.  Randell Sirens is the head of Inspire Our Youthwhich provides a free service on the organization’s websitewww.InspireOurYouth.org that allows students to quickly and easily connect with working professional mentors who work in occupations / professions that they are interested in pursuing.  Students are able to ask mentors questions they have about an occupation / profession of interest.  The goal of operating this service is to help students understand the realities of the workplace environment and help inspire them to start developing a career plan as early as they can to meet their career goals.  We are hoping to be able to refer people to him when volunteers are interested in career coaching and have limited availability to become career coaches. Ozzy Arroyo is head of Rochester Pillars which is going to a networking site for youth and budding professionals.  Students that know the occupation they want have the opportunity to have coffee with a professional who knows the reality of that profession.  This leads to insights and hopefully an internship for the student. They will also be providing chef experience for students at east high school culinary project classes, technology and media projects and hosting community events. Both of these individuals are wonderful to work with and I am excited to launch this program soon! 


My last project is the MLK project at STEM High School. The idea behind the project is to have students who are seeking extra regents help be able to work with volunteers from the one of the local colleges. It is in progress! I filled out the paperwork to have the school open and the bus pick up the students. Beth is working on providing breakfast for the students and helping with the planning and implementation of that day. I spoke with the principal this morning and she is very excited about this opportunity! I am too!


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