The gift of giving

This past month the support center has been introduced to a situtation where a student until just recently had been homeless; the student along with her mother and 4 other siblings.  Connecting a face with the situtation really made the circumstance so much more real as compared to when you merely hear of such tragedies.  We had asked what home goods the family needed in order to make their home a home.  What had suprised me the most was when I looked at the list and saw that not only did they need furntiture but they needed toothbrushes, hairbrushes, personal hygene products, a luandry hamper, clothing, etc (this is just a few of the many items they were without).  All of these seem like items that everyone has in their posession, they are small items that most of us take for granted.  This student though has not let her families situation get in the way of having great attendance, continuing to be bright in the classroom, and also the student was a part of the talent show.  To have so little but accomplish so much to me is amazing.  It makes me wonder how many other students, not only in this school but in this entire nation/world, are battling similiar situations with such resilience? Also how do we help those who may not have such strength or are not given the support to cope with their situations so positively?  I’m sure that questions such as this have crossed our minds at least once. 

In response to the needs of this family Wilson has done a great job.  Within one day of sending out an e-mail asking for donations we have aquired almost the entire list that was sent in with items that were needed.  I don’t know if it is the holiday spirit that has put these gracious people in such a giving mood, but their assistance is much appreciated not only by the family but by us in the support center.


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