Since I last blogged I have been working on a couple projects. My first project has been implementing career coaching piece to the Alumni-Engagement. I connected with Jeff Newland who has been instrumental in launching the program and connecting me with Ozzy Royale who is in charge of Rochester Pillars. Rochester Pillars is transforming into a “networking” center for youth coming out of high school and/or young adults coming out of college. It is a place where professionals and budding professionals can quickly and easily connect with working professional who work in occupations/professions that they are interested in pursuing. Students are able to ask mentors questions they have about an profession of interest; the mentor’s primary objective is to answer the student’s questions, help them understand the realities of the profession help inspire them to start developing a career plan as early. Rochester Pillars (Ozzy) has agreed to house the career coaching piece at the pillars due to similar initiatives’! Jeff Newland has offered to train the career coaches.  An new and interesting opportunity has been the discovery of Randell Sirens, who has already a career coaching organization called Inspire our Youth; we are looking forward to collaborating with. My second big project is the Bryant & Stratton College event! I have been working with Bryant & Stratton College on the details on how the event is going to go, room setup and advertising the event. We only have 1 RSVP but a lot of people are excited about it! It is our first event so we are hoping that people show up if not- it is back to the drawing board on how to get events incorporated into the program. I have updated the website a tad and put up some pictures. I deactivated some pages due to redundancy and put up the October newsletter. Wintspiration newsletter is on its way! Overall I think everything is heading in the right direction. I would to make a connection with MCC to either do an event or just colloborate but they still have not answered back . I am hoping to e-mail a new person and get together


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