Collaboration within One Body

Have you made any collaborations in the community thus far?  If so, which ones are you most excited about, and if not, what are some partnerships you would like to make?  How are you hoping to foster these collaborations during your year of service? 

Working in the school district central office is a constant exploration in politics.  Each school is a unique entity that you have to court. You have to try to quickly understand the unique balance of the school: the dynamics between the administration and the staff, the leadership styles, the kids, the teacher’s union, the neighborhood they live in- and then you have to present your worth to them without insulting anyone or even suggesting that your presence might mean more work for them. 

What I am trying to say is that I have not necessarily made any collaborations in the community per say.  All of my efforts have been aimed at trying to create potential collaborations within the district, which is a full-time job in itself.  It is my hope that I can not only get the schools to trust me, but also have them trust each other because the best support that anyone can give any school is from another school.  In the current climate of assessments of schools and the education that they provide, more and more schools and educators see themselves in constant competition with other schools and because of that they forget the impact of collaboration and the impact that the inter-school culture can have on kids.

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