Way to go Susan!

It’s interesting how I’ve lived in Rochester for the past four years, yet I never really lived in Rochester. I spent a lot of time in the surrounding towns, but rarely ventured into the city. Nothing ever really enticed me to go since I didn’t think there was much going on. When you’ve been exposed to New York City your whole life you gain this pompous belief that no other city can compare. When we took our tour around Rochester I was pleasantly surprised to see all it had to offer. There is such a rich history here, and I think the greatest part of it is the social activism that’s so embedded. I love the fact that Susan B. Anthony still owes a fine for trying to vote as a woman. When you have a history like that, how could the rest of the city not follow in those humanitarian footsteps? Since I’ve started working I’ve met so many people who really care and want to make a difference. It’s easy to abandon a city that faces as many problems as Rochester, people become frustrated when they don’t see immediate results to their hard work. However, there are a lot of people who choose to take on the struggles and attempt to restore the city. 

Till next time!



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