Reflecting back on orientation and the tour of Rochester, how have your assumptions/preconceived notions of Rochester been challenged since your service has started?

Before begining my service here at Wilson I had been informed that because of the IB program the school was rated one of the top high schools and there had been little to no need for a student support center.  The needs of the students here were thought to be not as large as some of the needs of the students of other schools.  Coming into my placement I was not very sure what to think or how to percieve Wilson, especially because school had not started yet during my first month here with Wilson.  Although it has only been a week into the new year I now see and understand that the need for the center here is pertinant.  The issues that follow many of these students on a daily basis are the same as those students who are in schools that may not deemed as prestigeous.  Although many of these students may be coming from differing areas in Rochester, they share many of the same frustrations and obstacles inside and outside of the home.  Although the school as a whole may be doing academically well, it does not mean that the issues that surround Rochester are not brought into Wilson and other schools alike.  All students’ needs must be addressed. 


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