perspectives/future plans

“Now that your year of service is almost complete, how has RYY, your host site, and AmeriCorps*VISTA changed your perspectives and/or changed your future plans?”

One thing that I’ve realized is that poverty is not necessarily about lack of money. I made very little money this year, and although I feel “poor” sometimes, I have never felt “impoverished.” I think that more than a lack of money, poverty is a mindset. It affects communities as well as individuals. It causes communities to become violent and people to feel hopeless and powerless.  And I’ve realized from my host site and RYY that the best way to “fight poverty” in this sense is to empower communities and individuals.

This is how my year of service has changed my perspective on poverty and society.  As for my future plans, I am totally confused and starting to get nervous that I won’t have any when my service year ends.  I would love nothing more than to continue to explore issues surrounding poverty and/or continue to work in the nonprofit sector. But the more I look for these kinds of opportunities, the more I’m starting to think there aren’t any out there for me. So that leaves me with Speech Pathology (my college major) or maybe even Audiology, but I wouldn’t start grad school until fall 2013, if I got in. So, I guess I’ll have to wait and see…


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