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As you think back to one year ago as you were getting ready for graduation and starting your year of service with Rochester Youth Year and AmeriCorps*VISTA, what expectations did you have? Were these expectations met? Exceeded? Or was everything you thought this year would be completely wrong?


Well, reflecting back a year, I am not exactly sure what I thought.  All I knew is that I signed up to do a year of service, and that I would hardly be making any money.  What my job would entail, I did not exactly know what to expect, and I was ok with it.  Honestly the only expectation that I had was that I would come out of this experience learning something new, and that I would be able to take the experience that I had at my site and be able to apply it to future jobs.

So I guess the next question is, did I meet my expectations?  The answer would be yes.  In the past I have learned not to have too many expectations, because often times you get let down.  For me, I look at the big picture, what I would like to get out of this whole experience.  When keeping my expectations simple, I find that often times I am not disappointed with the outcome.  This is one of those times.  Yea, there were times during my experience that I have been disappointed and frustrated, but overall I can say that I can take everything that I have learned here and apply it to jobs I hope to have in the future.

peace and love,



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