Happy spring!

I have about five minutes to write this thing. Oddly enough, my placement and the program turned out almost exactly as I was expecting a year ago. Last year at this time, I was scrambling to finish my coursework, book flights for the trip I took to Europe, reassure my parents that I would be able to function even if I didn’t move home after graduation, and pack up my dorm–and I still hadn’t heard what my placement would be. I had two biochem exams and I was more worried about them than about what my project might be in August.

I didn’t end up meeting my host site supervisor until the middle of May, after graduation. I was really sick from all the stress and it was pretty much the only thing I did that week. We actually sat down and fleshed out my VAD together that day, so I was very clear on what I was going to have to do. 

In August there were about 3 weeks where I didn’t have the money to buy a single thing–I was living out of my cupboards and mooching coffee off my friends. I hadn’t been expecting that, but in the end it made living on a small budget that much easier–at least now I know to budget in a way that I’m not worried about making rent every single month. 


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