End of the Year Expectations

As a fellow I had several expectations. Expectations that weren’t necessarily met in my favor. I came in to my host sight expecting to have an awesome supervisor, and a welcoming attitude from all the students I would be potentially working with. But I quickly came to the realization that that would not occur as soon as I had expected. At first my expectations seemed not -existent. It was becoming difficult for me to even connect to the students because I had gotten my belongings taken from me. I couldn’t even imagine that a position like this that  I felt would be  professionally nurturing, would turn into a preliminary nightmare. Eventually, once I looked at the bigger picture, I noticed that I was learning everything that I had hoped for. I was learning to patiently deal with children, faculty, and people that really had no understand of my position as a Vista. I wanted my professional development and people skills to grow. As time went on these expectations were met as I increased my involvement in re- cultivating the schools climate and student participation, through newly created clubs and service opportunities.   . Overall, my expectations were met, but it definetly took some time. As with anything, patience is key in seeing results. As a Vista I truly felt that this applied  to my service.


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