Would you consider pursuing a career at your host site if given the opportunity after your year of service?

At the risk of sounding negative, no. As much as I believe in my position and respect the goals that my program has undertaken to help local teens, I believe that an outside entity could do a much better job. I feel that alot of unneccesary steps are taken by the City of Rochester in terms of allocating funds and gaining approval from superiors. Its understandable why any bureacracy  would follow a standard procedure when it comes to getting things done but when that process becomes conflicted due to the incompetance  of the system suffering from an overbearance of duties, then that becomes a problem. In my opinion, a “youth engagement coordinator” would be able to operate much more efficeintly in a non-municipal organization.


Realistically, given the economy, I would probably still jump at the oppurtunity to obtain gainful, full-time employment.



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