Working In the city school district has opened my eyes to so much. It’s become evident that there is a huge disparity between who is well off in the city school districts, and who isn’t. But one thing that is definetly interchangable is the way in which students perceive themselves inside, and outside of school. I’ve learned that poverty does not discriminate. Though most students within city schools may not be as underpriveledged as others, they still maintain the ideas  of what society has deemed as being inpoverished through their behavior. In interacting with students I’ve noticed that poverty is nothing but a state of mind. Students have learned to define poverty as a confining barier that keeps them from acheiving their ever hopes and dreams. They start to believe that having children at their early teenage years, taking drugs, and skipping school on a  consistant basis is normal because they are poor, or if not poor, because they live within the city of rochester. Watching  Poverty unfold within the schools has pushed me to want change students’ lives. I want them to understand that poverty does not delineate  an individuals actions. Living in poverty does not mean that you will be inpoverished forever. I want to coninue on in helping students understand that Poverty does not define them, their actions, or the successes of their lives.


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