Writers & Books bp5

What do you think will be the most important thing/things you will take away from your year of service?

My service year so far has given me time to think about my future, by which I really mean that it has given me time to drive myself crazy about my future. I’ve even resorted to writing down the things that make me happy in a work place, what I’m looking for in everyday life, and other answers to strange questions… That might also be  the writers of Writers & Books rubbing off on me.

I think the most important thing that I take away from my year will be experience working in a place with a small budget while doing big things. It’s a little bit sad because now every time I think about other professions, fields, etc., I always think “Could you imagine if all that money went to a youth program? It could  touch the lives of a 100 underserved Rochesterians!” I guess that qualifies as good awareness, but truth be told it frequently puts a Fellow down…

In the end, I think that being in this program has re-ingrained in my head that doing something to make peoples’ lives better is possible and worth it even if it isn’t on a huge scale. My eyes have been opened even wider, never to be shut again. (O_O)



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