What I’ve already gained

Its been a heck of a roller coaster this far as a RYY fellow. I’ve had ups and downs, and sometimes even a found urge to re-evaluate if I was even making a difference here at East High school. The most important accomplishment though has been that I’ve never given up the fight to eradicate poverty. With that goal in mind at all times, I’ve built a relationship with the students that I’ve worked closely with. When speaking of learning new lessons, I can honestly say that I’ve learned more from them than I have from anyone else I’ve encountered within East High schools walls or from any other community partners.

what I will mostly take away from this experience is that patience and motivation work hand in hand. Dealing with youth is not always the easiest task to tackle, but what I’ve learned is that When you are the patient with a challenge, it does eventually come around. When you continue to motivate your self , the challenge will in some sense motivate its self. In essence, motivation and patience is infectious. All can be done with a little understanding ,patience, and motivation.


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