Here’s the plan:

1. Finish out my RYY year. This will include learning Dreamweaver and creating an awesome website for all the RCSD alumni to find. For real. This will not be an ugly 90’s-style multicolored web site, this will be a classy-looking landing page that people will want to visit.

2. Work somewhere for a year or two, hopefully in Rochester. I feel like I have a pretty solid understanding of a lot of the stakeholders in Rochester and of how many of the agencies in the area interact, so I don’t want to let that go to waste. I’m hoping to stay in the educational system, hopefully on the administrative/organizational end of things. I also think I’d be a pretty good science tutor, so I want to look into doing that on a volunteer basis.

3. I’ve done a tiny bit of research on master’s programs, and the ones that sound most interesting to me are things like “Justice and equity in public education.” I really want to continue my own education, and something like that would be a great way to move into education policy or other kinds of leadership. Hopefully I will be able to do that in about Fall 2013–it seems so far away!


My experiences thus far with RYY have made me really want to make a difference in the institutions of public education, especially urban schools. I’ve had a ton of tentative “career plans” over the past few years, but I really feel that education policy and activism makes a lot of sense given my existing skill set and the things I’ve learned.


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