Writers & Books bp4

“After being a VISTA for a few months, what have youdeduced about your future plans?”

Writers & Books is the best! I’m so happy to have been paired up with my site. I love the people, the atmosphere, the mission, the everything. I love what I’m doing, my experiences here, and the skills that I’m building. I know that whatever I end up doing and whenever in the future I end up doing it, I will always look back to my time at Writers & Books and apply the things I learned here to whatever I’m doing. Vague enough, right?

Ok, so I’m one of those people who changes their mind fairly frequently about what she wants to do in the future, I know, so surprising, right? Actually, I just like to have a lot of options and only discard potential future plans after really pouring over them and scrutinizing them. It’s really hard for me to say “No way am I ever going to do that!” Because really, who knows? Maybe I’ll be in astronaut one day, I promise to wear my RYY t-shirt when I land on Mars… (This is the part where I’m wondering why I chose this prompt.)

Ok here we go… First of all I would like to somehow positively impact the community. By community I mean any part of the world. I’m pretty certain that I would like to somehow positively impact people in particular. I also think I would like to continue working with poverty (against poverty?), though I’m not sure in what capacity. I have really enjoyed writing grants, which is funny because I know a lot of people really do not like writing them, which is good, right?

So as I sit here thinking about what I may be doing next year, one thing has not changed as far as I can remember: I really want to see the world. No, I will not be the cargo shorts-white tube socks-hiking boots-wearing tourist taking picture. I would like to devour the world incognito. Next time you’re in India, watch out, that girl in the turquoise sari might be me.

I’ve thought about teaching English abroad, and actually applied to two programs, one in The Republic of Georgia and one in Spain. I was accepted to both but as you can see, I’m typing at a Writers & Books computer at the moment, so I guess those weren’t the most appealing options for me for whatever reason. Now I’m thinking that I might work on a cruise ship but the idea of that mode of travel is seriously repulsive to me. It’s like a floating first-world on steroids – gross. Oh the balance one must keep…

Ask me in June… maybe I’ll have a better idea.




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