PSO+Actual work in Site= Everything PSO told me it would be.

My thoughts and feelings after PSO havent really changed much. I believed that it would be difficult in the begining and it definitely has been. Building capacity, formimg partnerships, getting students and parents, and administrators to believe in my work has all been quite difficult, but what ive learned is to be patient, remain passionate, and remember that as a vista, fighting poverty is not always easy. The people we are serving  may not always have the same vision or passion as we do as a VISTA, but proposing positive change through programs and community reseources, and a little bit of love and compasion for the people we are serving is what gets us Vista’s through the day. I’ve become extremely humbled by my Vista experinece. I dont beleiev that my perceptions about what it means to be a a VISTA has changed much because I think  that we were rightfully trained and informed about what it means at PSO, but what has changed for the most part is that I feel extremely Proud to be a part of an organization that is making a significant difference in peoples lives!


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