The many Challenges of East high…

One thing that I’ve learned while I’ve been at East High school is that understanding and rhetoric is key. Understanding where students are coming from and speaking to them as a friend, and less like an authority figure makes a great difference in the success of my many projects. In the beginning, it was quite difficult for me to get close to the students at East, not only because of my age, but also because I didn’t quite know their story. I was trying to get them to join clubs, without truly knowing what their interests truly were. I found myself having a new challenge. at first, it was always hard to find work to do. My days were always slow. But now, I had a ton of programing to do, but couldn’t really get students to commit. I kept asking myself, “how could I get them to join a community service club that I was trying to establish at East”? A light bulb finally hit, and I started connecting to my students tremendously. I started asking them questions about their lives, what they wanted to accomplish in life, and most importantly I shared my own life with them. I found myself with more and more volunteers who wanted to join community programs I had  established partnerships with, as well as the community service club that I was looking to establish. I realized that opening up to teenagers and making them feel that they are worth something makes a world of difference. Feeling of Self worth, something that the  students  rarely receive at home has really molded our relationship, as well as my self-confidence in creating successful projects. I’ve realized that I am a force to recon with when I change my style of communication and approach. I know my journey will be difficult, but definitely worth while in the end with the implementation of  such changes that i’ve made thus far. 🙂


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