Writers & Books bp2

Now that you have been at your host sites for a while, how are things going? What have been some challenges? Successes? Is this whole VISTA thing what you thought it would be?

It has already been almost two months! Incredible. I’m pretty much settled in. Just last Friday we finished a huge grant so I now have some more time to reflect on the things I’ve been doing and to check in with my VAD. This coming Friday we are due to hear about the status for a pending grant and we are keeping our fingers crossed for that! If that goes through we are going to have to quickly get organized and begin that project. I’ll be doing research on other grant opportunities as well as hopefully figuring out a sustainable/continuous/long-term funding partnership with a local organization, maybe a college group…

Challenges… Writing long, confusing grants is challenging! That’s OK though because it’s really easy to ask for help around W&B and I can’t imagine ever not receiving any help that I may need. Other challenges that I’m sure everyone has come across is contacting people. Everyone has their own schedule and their own way of doing things so sometimes it can be difficult to plan things with other organizations. That’s just something we always have to keep in mind and work with as best as we can.

This whole VISTA thing is basically just as I imagined it. Of course I didn’t know what I would be doing exactly but now that I’m here, it is all coming together and making sense. Hopefully finishing the 3-year term will go smoothly and that I will be able to help ensure a smooth transition for W&B into their post-VISTA years!




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