Writers & Books & … Everything nice?

Ever since I could remember I have been a creative thinker. I’ve brainstormed and come up with many ideas that I would have loved to see form into tangible creations. As a younger teen I wasn’t very good at carrying those things out necessarily but as the years flew by I’ve recognized this drawback and began working on improving that quality. Becoming a part of the Writers & Books community (which I love) has put me in a position where anything less than the best I can give would be unacceptable to me. This positive pressure has made me become a much more rigorous planner. It is very exciting to see my abstract ideas make their ways on to paper and then manifest themselves into real-life projects that are actually valuable to the people I am serving.

At times I may have felt that maybe planning is just not my style but this position has made me realize that is not the case. I am very capable of following a structured format. Something I did not expect and that keeps surprising me however is that I actually seem to enjoy the logistical aspect of program planning. Maybe that was the missing satisfaction piece of my prior ideas that didn’t necessarily make it for others to enjoy.

Both of these skills are going to help me throughout this year. The ideas will keep coming but I will also be thinking about the feasibility of my ideas and once they pass that test, there will be many more that will try to measure their potential and hopefully eventual success.

I’m super excited for what I do and think that it is a very rewarding position!

Anait Tamanian


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