Thinking about Sustainability

Looking back on my work history (3 years of folding towels at Bed Bath and Beyond and being the queen of the industrial copier at a law firm) , I can not think of a placement where I was forced to think creatively almost immediately.  

Being the 3rd VISTA atBrownSquareHealthCenter, the major challenge/goal for me this year, is to make the Refugee Health Program sustainable without aVISTA. Needless to say, this seemed like a daunting task. Since my first day of work, the challenge of sustainability has been in the back of my mind. As I sat reading through the two file cabinets worth of paperwork and notes (left behind by my past VISTAs) I had a lot to absorb and think.  The Women’s Refugee Health Promotion group is a bit of anomaly, especially inRochester. Therefore, there is no real precedent on how to transition the group into a self run organization. This gives me both the opportunity and the challenge to create a creative and unique sustainable solution for the program.  This realization was both frightening and exciting.

This year will allow me to put into practice the innovative and creative tools I have acquired (and my mountain of student loans can attribute for) during my four years of undergraduate work.  I am both excited and nervous to begin to implement these ideas, and hopefully see them be successful in the years after theVISTAprogram has ended at Brown Square.  🙂

Sara Heron


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