Beyond RiseGo

My term of service with Rochester Youth Year ends in less than two weeks. I am overwhelmed (in a good way) with work to do as things come to the end. For my final two months I have been coding and designing an online business plan creation software which looks to be a very solid product and something I am very proud of. This will amplify the value of the curriculum as well as being an income stream to support RiseGo’s operations.

As things have been ticking to a close at RiseGo I was very unsure what was next for me, I knew I wanted to stay in Rochester and I knew I wanted to work in Graphic/Web Design & Development, but the job market is very competitive and finding a job was difficult. But I have been fortunate to land a Graphic Designer position at Responsible Debt Relief/DebtorWise located on University Ave., and I will be starting August 8th.

That being said I don’t see this term of service as a one time event  but rather a mentality that I hope to continue throughout my life. I’m excited to continue working with non-profits and investing in the City of Rochester in my free time.

Thank you RYY, Glenn, Kyvaughn, and my boss David as well as all RYY’s founders, supporters and fellow VISTAs for a challenging experience full of growth!

Logging off,

David Kraines
Rochester Youth Year 2010-2011 – RiseGo Inc.


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