Compeer Rochester, Inc.

I have less than three months left in my year of service, and cannot believe how fast the time has gone.  Just when I seem to have grasped the ‘real world’, I am just months away from returning to the life of a college student.  This is a bitter sweet time, as I am excited to start law school but weary to leave my project behind.

Being a third year VISTA has its pros and cons.  At first, I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have the responsibilities that fellows placed at first and second year sites face.  My project was very developed when I started Compeer, and the two former VISTAS who served at my site were since employed by Compeer.  This put me in a very easy position when I began my year of service.  I had the expertise of the former VISTAS literally right next door to my office, and they were great at answering any questions I had.   While I appreciated the support, I had a hard time figuring out how to develop the project.  Because the former VISTAS had been hired by Compeer, they managed the projects created during their year of service.  I have spent 9 months at Compeer, and know that my work here is appreciated.  Nonetheless, I’m having a hard time envisioning how my work will sustain when I am gone.  This makes me envious of VISTAS who are placed at first and second year sites.  They get the opportunity to lay out the future of their project, while I’m in the position of tying up lose ends and completing the project at Compeer.  I don’t know how the organization will be affected by the loss of a VISTA, but it is my job to ensure that the transition is smooth.  My last months will be spend developing sustainability plans for my project, but I wish I could spend this time laying out the future of it.


One thought on “Compeer Rochester, Inc.

  1. Kyvaughn says:

    Don’t be envious…
    You’ve gotten to see the progrssion of the work started before you, where as many of us want to fast forward to see what happens as a result of all this work we’ve done!
    I’ll surely miss you! 🙂

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