Like Putting a Puzzle Together Without Seeing The Picture

Have you ever tried piecing a puzzle together without seeing the picture on the front of the puzzle box? Now, as a puzzle-fanatic, I could only imagine how frustrating it is (and even more frustrating knowing I threw away the box without peeking at the picture).

This week we were asked to write about what’s so frustrating about my work and it is this: having others piece together the “big picture” from my explanation.

I think the hardest part of being a VISTA (or being sort of thrown into any unfamiliar line of work) is not actually creating the vision of the organization in your mind, but explaining that vision to people outside of the organization; to prospective funding sources, to community members or even to family.

Being at the half-way mark of my year of service, I find that I am capable of telling anyone about what my program is all about. I often find myself speaking the language of my Bureau of Recreation and Youth Services cohorts; speaking as though EVERYONE knows about Biz Kid$ and how awesome the project is.

However, when it comes to piecing together a grant application or speaking with community members I have to keep in mind that they may not have heard of the program.

Biz Kid$ seems so simple on paper, but when it comes to explaining every detail of how specific components work and how each component connects to its counterparts  is very complicated.

I sometimes find difficulty in conveying the “big picture” of what we’re doing for Rochester’s Youth and showing everyone else the true value of what this project is trying to accomplish…and that’s one of the most frustrating aspect of the work I’ve done thus far.

-Ashley McAuslen, 2010-2011 RYY Fellow at Biz Kid$


3 thoughts on “Like Putting a Puzzle Together Without Seeing The Picture

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  2. Kyvaughn says:

    True story!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love your title to the blog. It grabbed my attention.

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