1 day to go…

Being an AmeriCorps VISTA is like being a mountaineer.  Mountaineers begin their journey with a pack on their back to get them from point A to point B.  Every mountaineer (…well smart ones) take the time to prepare physically and mentally to conquer the mountain.

I believe that the outgoing RYY VISTAs climbed the mountain well.  Sometimes the pace was upbeat and they were practically sprinting to the top. At other times the VISTAs were lost!  In the end they all pulled through together.

What did I love about our mountain experience?  Let me tell you:

1. The RYY VISTAs were passionate about their work.

2. The RYY VISTAs worked to empower youth and families to take an active role in improving their own neighborhoods.

3. They created lasting partnerships between the community, their host organizations, and their alma mater.

4. The RYY VISTAs worked with their host organizations to develop measurable, sustainable services and programs that address the self-identified needs of Rochester’s youth and aim to build on their strengths and assets.

5. …and last but not least we had fun together!

Jennifer Poole…. Johnson
VISTA*Leader/ Program Coordinator
Roberts Wesleyan College 2008 Alum


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