Leaving Successful Pathways of YFC

As I organize and clean things out of my office, I keep thinking how I can’t believe that it’s my last week here at Successful Pathways of YFC.  While this past year has been challenging in many ways, both personally and professionally, I have learned so much from my year of service with AmeriCorps*VISTA Rochester Youth Year, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve Rochester and the many wonderful teens and volunteers that I have met.  And despite the challenges that I have encountered working with volunteers and teen parents, I am glad that I have been able to grow and learn more about myself, as well as connect more to the community, which were some of my goals going into RYY.  It will be hard to leave the mentoring program behind, including the volunteer mentors who I saw through the whole recruiting, training, and matching process.  It will also be hard to leave my awesome co-workers and supervisor.  And while there will not be another VISTA coming in to take over the program this upcoming year, I am encouraged that it will continue as a new intern will take my place, and hope that in the future a passionate VISTA will once again be placed at Successful Pathways.  So to everyone, thank you for an awesome year!  And to the future and new current VISTA’s, don’t give up!  You make so much more of an impact than you may ever know, and it’s all worth it.

RYY Fellow at Successful Pathways of YFC
Roberts Wesleyan College 2009 Alum

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