Successful Pathways of YFC

My main job here at Successful Pathways of YFC has been to recruit volunteers from the community to become mentors for the pregnant, parenting, and at-risk for early parenting teens that we work with in the program.  Many times I find myself calling and emailing those who have shown interest repeatedly in order to get them committed to a mentor training.  While this can be frustrating and does take a lot of time, it is always rewarding when I complete a mentor training and am excited about the people that I’ve just met and spent the day with.  This past Saturday I gave a training to two lovely ladies who were eager to mentor with us.  While two people are a very small group to do an interactive, group activity-based training, it worked out well and I enjoyed getting to know each of them more personally.  I am excited to complete their paperwork and match them with two of our teens!

I also love making the mentor/mentee matches, where the mentor, the teen we’ve chosen to match with that mentor, and myself get to meet in my office casually.  It’s always interesting to see what crazy questions the teens will ask their mentors.  The casual setting, and having myself there as a familiar face for both the mentor and mentee, is a great setting for the mentor and mentee to first meet each other and ask questions about each other.  After exchanging contact information and basic likes/dislikes, hobbies, and interests, we go over the guidelines together and make sure that we are all on the same page about what mentoring is and what the mentor and mentee are expected to do to keep the relationship positive and productive.  At the end I always get to send them off as the mentor is asked to take the mentee home so that they can have a little more time to dialogue.  I had a match meeting on Friday, and while some are awkward in the beginning, this one was fun to watch unfold.  The 15-year-old mentee and the 29-year-old mentor are both bubbly, outgoing people whom are easy to get along with, so I can’t wait to hear about how their mentoring relationship progresses and the fun that I’m sure the two of them will have.

And as for me today, it’s time to work on sorting out all this paperwork and preparing to screen these new mentors so that I can match them soon.  I’m also hoping to confirm some more people for next month’s training, assist with our upcoming fundraiser to raise money to send our teens to summer camp, and finish my quarterly report.

RYY Fellow at Successful Pathways of YFC
Roberts Wesleyan College 2009 Alum

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