Biz Kid$

The program has been steaming along quite nicely for the past few weeks… The Biz Kid$ Real program recently became the title community organization for the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival in June which means a ton of publicity and hopefully some money as well.

Biz Kid$ & Beyond went to a movie called “Spirited Away” at the Little Theater on East Ave just this past Saturday to highlight the variety of businesses that operate with a not for profit status. The theater director talked with the group for about 30 minutes afterward about what running the place was like. It was a great experience, especially since many of the youth had never been to the Little or even heard of it!

The next Biz Kid$ Camp is quickly approaching, it runs April 19 to 23 which is the week of spring break for most of the local high schools, including the Rochester City School District. We are hoping to have about 20 participants, most being high school age. We are also continuing to update the curriculum so a few more tweaks will likely be tested for the first time and hopefully they go over well.

RYY Fellow at City of Rochester, Dept. of Recreation, Biz Kid$ program
University of Rochester 2009 Alum

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