World of Inquiry

It’s an exciting time at World of Inquiry because the overnight field study I’ve been planning since August is finally coming together. We are actually booking reservations and signing contracts for all of the things I’ve been researching, so it’s really going to happen. All of the seventh-graders will be traveling to Gettysburg in June for a combination of a collegiate/cultural experience – we’ll actually be staying on the Gettysburg College campus, and visiting Bucknell College for a tour on our way home. It’s so exciting to think that I planned the whole trip.

However, we are still working very hard in order to close the gaps in funds needed for the trip. While the students and their families are selling pasta from the Fun Pasta Fundraising catalog (, it’s not going as well as we had hoped. I think they are getting burned out – they keep telling me that “no one eats pasta.” A few other staff members and I are trying to secure a donation from one of the partnerships we developed this year, so I am crossing my fingers that this works out.

*Shameless Plug* Visit and use Cyber Sales to support the 7th grade! Please enter the account code WOIHS at check-out in order to ensure the money goes towards our group. We will receive 40-50% of the profits! If you order online, it will be shipped directly to your house within 5-7 days.

RYY Fellow at World of Inquiry School
SUNY Geneseo 2009 Alum

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